SEMICON CHINA 2011 is held successfully
Shanghai, China – March, 2011 - Thanks to the support from factories, Dymek China this year had exhibited 5 demo systems in SEMICON China. This was unprecedented, and a drew a huge crowd in our booth.

We would like to take this opportune time to thank all the visitors from different industries. Your information and comments have been very valuable to us, and will be useful to take on more challenge. Next year, we will consider putting up an additional exhibit booth, to better serve our prospective partners in the industry. Please always feel welcome to drop by and see us again. With more improved communication, it will not be impossible to build and grow together in the business.
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Below is information & brochure of products that exhibited in SEMICON CHINA 2011, please feel free to download.
In SEMICON, we exhibited TMS-2000W-RC Automatic Model & uScan Hand Held One Click Model
In SEMICON, we exhibited MicroSense 5810 Gauge & 5503 Probe, Position Measurement Module
In SEMICON, we exhibited F20 Standard Model of Thin Film Measurement System & F50 Automatic Whole Sample Thin Film Measurement System
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