New equipment’s TMS-2000WRC
IPOH, PERAK, MALAYSIA – NOVEMBER, 2013 – SUNEDISION, IPOH, MALAYSIA (FORMLY CALL MEMC), customer purchased TMS-2000WRC to measure the roughness of their wafer after polishing. This process is very important to them which are to make sure their wafer surfaces are fulfilling their production specification and quality control. Dymek has partnered with SCHMITT, and works together with the laboratory to support hi-tech industries in Asia.

SCHMITT Measurement Systems' flagship products the TMS 2000W-RC and TMS 3000W-RC are the ideal solution for many manufactures in the computer industry. These products provide fast, accurate, repeatable measurements for manufactures of silicon wafers, computer chips and memory devices. The system provides measurements to a few hundredths of an angstrom, a level unachievable by other testing devices.

How small is an angstrom?
  • The point of a needle is about 1 million ngstroms in diameter.
  • Fingernails grow at about 50 angstroms per second.
  • One angstrom is to a grain of sand, as achild's wading pool is to the Atlantic Ocean.


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