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Dymek Philippines Receives Order for 2 sets of Tau Science Hot Spot Tester – IRIS210 Stand Alone Tester and IRIS220 In-Line Sorter
Philippines – March 2014,Dymek Philippines receives an order for two(2) Tau Science IRIS Hot Spot Tester from a leading solar cell manufacturer, IRIS-210 and IRIS-220 Hot Spot Tester.                                                  

Tau Science’s IRIS product line screens for electrical shunt defects in cells which will lead to localized hotspots – a leading cause of PV cell performance problems and module degradation.


IRIS combines time-resolved thermography and current-voltage measurements to generate reliable hotspot information in fractions of a second.  The system automatically generates Pass/Fail results and transfers them to the handler via 24VDC industrial interface.  Full time-resolved data (a frame-by-frame movie of the cell as it heats) may be reviewed at the end of the measurement.


Tau Science was the first company to bring a turnkey hotspot inspection system to the market and has built up years of experience delivering solutions to PV manufactures around the world.

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