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Dymek China receives order of EVG801,EVG501,EVG301,EVG101
China- July, 2016     Dymek receives orders from the most renowned universities in Guangdong Province, including four EVG equipments, EVG 801 plasma activation system, EVG 501 wafer bonding system, EVG301 wafer cleaning equipment and EVG101 coating equipment (including Spin Coating & Spray Coating).
Universities have a hundred years of tradition of running a school, it is a city in southern China in scientific research, academic culture and personnel training. As college and university directly under the Chinese Ministry of Education, developed through the Province & Ministry, it has become a domestic first-class, internationally renowned modern comprehensive university, now composited from three campuses, five colleges and eight affiliated hospitals in Guangzhou, Zhuhai & Shenzhen, moving on to a world-class university, & strive to become the world's academic city.
The universities affordability to handle major research projects are growing, total research funding more than 1.7 billion RMB in 2015. As of 2015, the universities obtained "973 Program" and 55 major research projects. Since 2011, they obtained 2 National Natural Science Foundation major research projects, 60 key projects, 1 creative research groups project, 12 national science and technology major projects, 23 key major projects in "863 Program", 4 special projects on basic science and technology, 14 national supported projects, 23 national public service sectors projects, 18 key projects in clinical disciplines to The Ministry of Health, 28 National Social Science Fund major projects, 7 major projects on Philosophy and Social Sciences Research to The Ministry of Education. Moreover, until now, they obtained 77 projects from National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation, in charge of 7 innovation team project to Ministry of Education, 8 team research projects to Guangdong Province Introduction of Innovative Research.
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