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www.dymek.com/en/prolist.aspDymek aims to provide leading metrology and world-class process equipment solutions on certified levels that can be referenced across all sectors of the Data Storage, Semiconductor, Optical, Research and Development, and the Photovoltaic industries. Over the years, Dymek has actively sought partnerships with high-end equipment manufacturers, to continually work on meeting and exceeding performance standards of its equipment and solutions, and to ensure the compliance placed on us by our valued customers.  

Dymek represents atomic spray coater, Nano-imprint tools, coating and etching tools for the sub-nanometer level protective layer and nanometer; scale step, nano-texturing process, and metrology tools for the coating thickness, composition, step height, topology, and mechanical properties measurement.

Our distribution catalog covers a wide range of qualified products to match your specific application and other potential needs.

Please click on the product list for Data Storage , Photovoltaic, Optical Industry, R&D, Semiconductors, Flat Planel Display, Electronics Components, LED, General Accessories.

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Featured Products
  • 4D - Dynamic Interferometer
  • Amerimade – Wet Process Station
  • CETR - Tabletop CMP eCMP System
  • EVG – Spray Coating, Wafer Cleaning, Nano-imprint
  • FEI - Conventional EM
  • Filmetrics – Optical Thin Film Thickness Measurement Tool
  • First Nano – CNTs, Nanowires Synthesis System Easy Tube 3000
  • Gatan - Sample Preparation System
  • Herzan - Vibration Isolation System
  • Laser Total Solution - Laser Processing Equipment - Laser scribing system
  • LESCO – UV Curing System
  • MicroSense Probe – Non-contact Capacitance Gauge
  • MKS - Advanced Processing Equipment Components
  • n&k Technology, Inc. - n&k 1500D Manual-Load Metrology System for Magnetic Disks
  • nPoint – Nano Positioning & Nano Motion Control Equipment
  • PPL - Automatic Vision & Laser Measurement System
  • SCHMITT – Laser Surface Roughness Measurement
  • Shb Instruments, Inc. Thin-Film Hysteresis Loop Tracers
  • SST - Programmable Vacuum Solder Reflow Furnace Model 3130
  • Thermo Noran –X-ray Fluorescence Thin Film Thickness Composition Measurement Tool
  • Veeco - IBE System
  • VIC - Leak Detector
  •  WestBond - Wire & Die Bonder
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