News and Events
Hong Kong, China –6th January, 2017
Annual Dinner 2016
Dymek Company Limited held its annual dinner for all its subsidiary companies last 6 Jan, 2017 at the 30/F of Panda Hotel in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong.
China- July, 2016
Dymek China receives order of EVG801,EVG501,EVG301,EVG101
Dymek receives orders from the most renowned universities in Guangdong Province, including four EVG equipments, EVG 801 plasma activation system, EVG 501 wafer bonding system
Hong Kong, China – July, 2016
EVG6200 Upgrade
Dymek receives order for upgrade of bottom alignment to EVG6200 automatic lithography system, accessories of this order was delivered in April 2016
Fujian, China - July, 2016
Dymek receives order for Filmetrics F20-UV
Dymek receives order for Filmetrics F20-UV, customer is famous prestigious institution in China, founded in 1960, campuses located in the famous hometown of overseas Chinese,
Taiwan –15 to 17 Jun, 2016
Photonics Festival in Taiwan 2016
Dymek Taiwan office participated the 2016Photonics Festival Exhibition at Taipei World Trade Center, Nanang Exhibition Hall during 6/15 ~ 6/17with great success
Shenzhen, China – April, 2016
Dymek receives order for Filmetrics F20
Dymek receives order for Filmetrics F20, customer located in Shenzhen, they focus on professional production and sales of Parylene Machines,
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