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Dymek receives order for Filmetrics F20
Shenzhen, China – April, 2016   Dymek receives order for Filmetrics F20, customer located in Shenzhen, they focus on professional production and sales of Parylene Machines, R&D and sales of Parylene powder, & provide Parylene nano coating processing services for large enterprises.
As recent years Nano vacuum coating is widely used in various sectors at home and abroad, the company undertake vacuum nano-coating surface treatment business, a very wide range of products, applicable to all types of silicone rubber products, smart wearable, mobile phone accessories, electronic components, circuit boards, LED photoelectric products, magnetic materials, medical equipment, antiquities, unmanned aerial vehicles, aircraft, satellites, defense and military field.
F20 thin film measurement system uses visible light interferometry of 380-1050nm wavelength range, capable of measuring 15nm-100um film thickness, accuracy up to 0.4% or 2nm, precision 0.1nm, it is a thin film measurement device with very high cost–performance ratio.Dymek also based on customer needs to measure different sizes of sample, customized a large platform that can move in X, Y, and specifically designed a floating four corners support (using PEEK material).
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