Here in Dymek, our primary goal is to provide you with a partnership vital to the success and long-term benefits of your investment, by increasing the service life and reliability of your capital equipment.

Our industry partners are happy to take advantage of our service expertise to increase their machine uptime, prevent system breakdowns or failures, and to optimize the performance of their equipment at very reasonable cost. They have signed up with our Preventive Maintenance Program for high vacuum process equipment, PPL CD microscope and a selection of other equipment.

Dymek’s preventive maintenance program includes provision of on-site engineers for regular maintenance, and emergency corrective maintenance. Our customers have found out that having on-site service support, catered to their working hours and schedules, problems are addressed more readily and they can depend on speedy action and service from our engineers, within minutes of notice.

Dymek has a central depot where we maintain a proficient inventory of tools, spare parts and other consumables catered to a machine’s specific needs. Our customers can reduce their capital outlay on spare parts under our inventory management, by saving on transport costs and system downtime losses. 

Apart from this, we also provide effective equipment maintenance and service, for machines and systems acquired outside of our distribution reach.  We have highly qualified engineers who are trained in the most recent technological advances, and who have gained years of expertise in the fields of metrology, high vacuum processing tools, slicing/dicing, and the lithography.

Because of this, our customers can focus directly on their core business, and leave the service and support to us with confidence. 

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